Graffiti of East London

Street art around Hackney 

A recent visit to the east end of London opened my eyes to a world of street art that I wanted to share here. Wandering around the wider Hackney area the walls are a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, fonts and plenty of humour. Derelict buildings have been given a facelift. The art, in some cases, is incredibly beautiful and I was amazed at how much talent is on display.

I even saw some art in progress along one of the canals, guys with spray paints were working on another visual explosion of colour as passers-by looked on. The artistry and the amount of effort that is put in is quite impressive, especially when someone else could come along soon afterwards and overwrite the work with newer graffiti. I wonder if there is a band of brothers who respect each other and work happily together in this endeavour?

Take a look at this selection and let me know what you think.

Isn't this beautiful?

Beautiful graffiti, east London, girl's face
Beautiful graffiti

colourful graffiti, East London, street art
Colourful graffiti on the streets

I like the humorous touches. 

Graffiti, East London, humour, street art
See the face in the window?

Derelict building in East London, graffiti, street art
Derelict building in East London

Graffiti, street art, East London, cyclist
Cycling past street art

Where's Wally, graffiti, East London
Here's Wally

Here a work in progress...

graffiti artist at work, East London, street art, canalside
Artist at work

Somewhere for a chat?

two men chatting, graffiti, East London, street art
Chatting by the Earthling?

I love the humour in this...

humour, graffiti, East London, Hackney, street art
Meanwhile in East London....

A decorated supporting post in an underpass, art and cans! 

street art, graffiti, tin cans in art, East London
Cans as decoration
Amazing art.

Street art, portraits, beautiful graffiti, East London
A set of beautiful images

soulful street art, graffiti, East London, girl with tree sapling

Social commentary?

Huh?, street art, graffiti, East London, social commentary

Some locals don't appreciate the fact that the area is being gentrified. 

Social commentary, local views, graffiti, East London
Social commentary

I'm sure you'll agree it is a colourful place to visit!

graffiti, men walking down steps, East London, Street art
Graffiti everywhere!

Do you have a favourite image from above? if so let me know which one in the comments below.


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