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A Beginners Guide to Milky Way Photography

How to find and photograph the Milky Way I love looking up in the night sky and spotting constellations, especially when I'm in a dark sky area. It is something I seem to do on holiday, often in other parts of the country / world to my normal environment. I hadn't really thought I could spot the milky way at home, in my own garden. I live near two decent sized towns and there is quite a lot of light pollution. However, over that last few months I have discovered that I can actually see, and better still photograph, the milky way from my own back garden!

This revelation came about when I first attended a short online class on finding and photographing the milky way.  I learned when and where to look for the milky way, what impact the phase of the moon has on what can be seen together with what camera settings to use. See this blog post for more about the course (near the end of the blog post).
I live in the northern hemisphere so on a clear night I need to look to the south east,…

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