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Getting started with Digital Art

 Having fun with Digital Art  I have been experimenting with my photos and a couple of iPhone apps to create some fun digital art. To get started I simply downloaded the apps, took some photos and started to play, but I thought I would provide an introduction to what I have created and how it was done in case it inspires you to have a go too. I have an iPhone and downloaded these apps from the apple store, I imagine there are similar (if not the same) apps available for other mobile phones too. Both these apps are free to download. My two favourite apps for creating artworks are Snapseed and PaintCan. Snapseed is a pretty comprehensive photo editing app. Its main use in my digital art is in combining photos, layering one on top of another, with different blend modes. This is something that can be done much more professionally in Adobe Photoshop but is quick and easy in Snapseed.  The second favourite app is PaintCan from Adobe, which transforms a photo into an art interpretation using

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