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Flower Prints and Wall Art

Beautiful flowers for your wall I love being close to flowers, both indoors and outside. A visit to a beautiful garden is a joy, a salve to the senses of sight and smell, with sound included too if you consider the hum of bees and other pollinators as they flit from bloom to bloom.
It is rare that I do not have a camera with me on my travels and I now have quite a collection of flower images which I enjoy looking at, especially displayed on the walls at home.

Over the last few months I have been thinking about providing photographic images for local businesses where I could offer a photo shoot, or for anyone further afield I can offer images via an online print gallery. 
I wanted to set up a easy to use website that would link to a professional photographic processing lab as I do not have the facility to print images myself.  After plenty of research I decided to use Pixieset to host the galleries as they have a link with Loxley Colour, an award winning photo lab.
I plan to be creating a …

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