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Creativity in Lockdown

New skills learned, old skills revisited 
I started working from home due to the COVID-19 situation on 18th March 2020, thirteen weeks ago as I write this. During that time I have not driven the car, I have not been into a shop and I have not travelled on public transport. What I have done is continue to work (my IT job is easy to do from home), catch up with jobs around the house (redecorating the utility room) and keep on top of the gardening! (no easy task...).I have also brushed off some old skills and used them creatively and, at the same time, I have been trying out new skills too.The old skills I'm referring to are sewing and knitting. I used to make soft furnishings and curtains for the home but the last thing I made before lockdown was probably about 20 years ago! The weather here has been hot and sunny for most of the last few months and I decided that part of the garden needed some shade. I was looking at things like sails to tie up over the pergola but the sizes were no…

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