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Getting started with Lightroom - Cropping

 A quick guide to cropping an image  Another skill in creating a pleasing photograph is cropping the edges to reposition the subject, straighten the image or make the subject larger in the frame. This is very easily done in Lightroom as I will show you in a few simple steps. Select the image you wish to crop from the Library area and then click on the Develop tab at the top of the screen. If you are unsure how to get to this stage take a look at my earlier 'Getting Started' posts: Getting Started with Lightroom on a Mac Your First Edit With your image selected and displayed in the centre of the work area look over to the right side panel and click on the Cropping Tool as shown below. Clicking on this should make a cropping guide overlay appear on your image. If nothing shows type R on your keyboard to reveal the guide (type R again to hide it). The default guide is one that will divide the image into 9 rectangles, you can use this one to position the subject on the intersecting

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