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10 Top Tips for Photographing a Garden

National Garden Scheme Photographer Liz Mitchell  My 10 top tips for photographing a garden I have been photographing gardens for the National Garden Scheme for the past two years and have picked up a few good tips to use when capturing gardens, large or small. Here are my top ten : 1. Walk around the garden with the owner / gardener to hear about the story of the garden and discover the meaningful or special parts of the garden from their perspective. Look out for hidden gems. What feelings are evoked on first sight? Your aim is to tell the story of the garden so pay attention to what is important to the owner or gardener. 2. Make the best use of the available light. Early mornings or late afternoons can produce soft golden sunlight and side lighting to give shadows and depth to the scene. This is not always possible so you need to understand how to work with the available light. Strong midday sun can bleach out colours and create harsh, unflattering shadows so look for shaded areas t

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