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Great Photo Locations in London

A photographer's tips for London pics  There are plenty of attractions in London from the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, St Paul's Cathedral and many, many more.  Usual tourist photos are a great way to remember your visit however there are a number of great locations for some more artistic photography if know where to look.

I am a visitor myself so have no claim to knowing all the best haunts by any means, but I have discovered a few that are really worth seeing which I will share with you here. The first thing to do is venture down into the London Underground (or Tube).  Many of the stations have their own attractions some of which reflect the area around the station. But even the regular tube platform can be interesting.  Plus you can easily travel around the many areas of London with a tube ticket (or just use your contactless credit / debit card).

Make your way to Leadenhall Market around midday (not far from Bank tube station) to find shopper…

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