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By the Sea in Suffolk

A Winter Heatwave  Back in November last year we had planned to return to Suffolk for a short break but three days before we were due to go I very clumsily managed to break my little toe.  It made sense to postpone the trip, I certainly wouldn't have been able to walk on any shingle beaches that's for sure, so we rearranged it for February.  I am so glad we did, we went last weekend when the UK enjoyed the highest February temperatures recorded and the warm weather has lasted over 5 days which makes it an official heatwave!

Meeting our friends at Anglesey Abbey we weaved our way through the many families enjoying the sunshine on a Friday afternoon (it was school half term holidays) to marvel at the beautiful colours in the winter garden. It really is a stunning display.  There are still hundreds of snowdrops flowering and the bright yellow, red and white stems of the plants look wonderful with pale blue irises, delicate pink cyclamen and hellebores dotted around.  We walked t…

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