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Eye-catching designs 

Projects, advertising, editorials, blog posts, reports and presentations all require plenty of thought and planning. If you are creating something to look good and capture people's attention it pays to hunt out some eye-catching designs. Just a touch will do it, too much and the impact is lost. Images that make you think, that trigger a train of thought, that have extra depth can add impact to your message.

Imagine a report on woodland conservation with abstract images of cut wood on the cover.

Cut Wood, nature abstract, design, images
Cut Wood design

Or a presentation to a team of IT developers and business stakeholders designed to get some blue sky thinking underway.

Blue Sky Thinking, design, abstract, background, images
Blue Sky Thinking design

How about a different take on flowers for a flower shop website.

Springtime Tulips, design, background, abstract, reflection
Springtime Tulips design

Perfect Pansy, design, abstract, nature, background, image
Perfect Pansy design

Something more abstract might add a theme or colourway to a project.

pixelated, images, Bright Stripes, design
Bright Stripes design

Imagine adding a bit of grit to an environmental report

Rusty Wire, abstract, images, design, backgrounds
Rusty Wire design

or a touch of ethereal beauty as a background to a fashion shoot.

web, dew, design, background, nature, Cobweb beauty
Cobweb Beauty design

Splash, design, abstract, images, nature, backgrounds
Splash design

I have added a few collections of abstract images to my store on Creative Market these are mainly based on nature with a few made from textures and everyday objects. It would be great if you could  take a look and click on the heart to 'like' any designs that work for you. I'm keen to see which collections of images work the best. Many thanks.

There are lots of other great resources on the marketplace too such as new fonts, templates for instagram stories, presentations, logos, wordpress themes and much more from plenty of creative individuals and companies. Another great thing about Creative Market is that you can get 6 free design goods every week. Check it out!

Creative Market

Good luck with your next project.


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